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Do you like the ROG Phone? I really do!!

Level 7

I'm not sure why others chose the ROG Phone, but I personally got into the ROG brand because I enjoy building my own gaming PCs.

I think ROG is a TOP brand for gaming PCs, with powerful performance, excellent aesthetics, and great durability. I've been using an ROG MAXIMUS VII RANGER motherboard in my PC for a long time.

My first smartphone wasn't an Android, it was an iPhone. However, one day while I was out shopping, I stumbled upon an ASUS retail store showcasing the ROG Phone 2. I tried it, I think this phone is just so exciting!! The screen refresh rate of this phone is very high, vibrant display, and performance far exceeded my iPhone at the time. With a sense of curiosity, I decided to buy the ROG Phone 2.


I had a great experience using the ROG Phone 2, and it served me well for a long time.

My second ROG Phone is the fifth generation (there was actually no fourth generation, right?). The screen looks more GOOD!! with a higher refresh rate, improved performance, and outstanding audio quality. I purchased the ROG Phone 5 when I passed by an ASUS showcase store. I love the feeling of trying out products in person and buying them right away. It's an exciting impulse purchase experience. I recommend visiting physical stores of your favorite brands when you're out shopping. Trust me, it's more enjoyable than online shopping.

S__30998869_0.jpgI don't like putting a phone case on it. I think it feels the best when there's no phone case on it!!

The audio performance of the ROG Phone 5 is very good. While many other smartphones have eliminated the headphone jack, the ROG Phone still retains it, allowing me to continue using my favorite wired headphones like the AKG K701 and GRADO RS1x. Even though I have convenient Bluetooth wireless headphones, I still prefer my over-ear headphones.

Oh, the ROG Phone 5 I bought has a small screen on the back. Although the salesperson told me that the version with the extra small screen doesn't have any performance difference, I didn't care! I just wanted that small screen because it looks so cool!




Level 11

I completely agree with what you said. I also think the ROG Phone is great; it has a loud volume and excellent sound quality. However, I'd like to tell you that the ROG Phone 7 is even more amazing! 🤣 I've personally used every generation from the first to the seventh, and honestly, what impressed me the most about the ROG Phone 7 is its fan; it's truly fantastic!

ROG ♡❤