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Welcome to the ROG Connect! Please read our guideline!

Welcome to the ROG Connect! We encourage you to discuss any questions, reviews, tips, and news about the ROG Phone. However, for Hardware & Software Support, please ask them in the ROG Care or Zentalk Community . 1. ROG Care -> Hardware & Softwa...

Panda_ROG by Community Agent
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【Fun Fact】Regarding the EU's Digital Markets Act.

Recently, the European Commission officially passed the "Digital Markets Act" legislation, which is set to bring significant changes to digital platform services in the EU region. While the changes brought about by the Digital Markets Act may take so...

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Air trigger setting

How can I use the air trigger setting after I dowloaded the file from forum? 

Tân by Level 7
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Resolved! Hi


Wish410 by Level 7
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AeroActive Cooler 6 for 5/5s for Rog Phone 6

Hello everyone. I have an Asus Rog Phone 6. And I decided to abandon it separately and connect to it. Advanced aeroactive cooler 6 for 5/5s. In principle, there are no problems, it connects, it works, but it is installed crookedly. A question! Is it ...

Nik94NT by Level 7
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Should I buy a ROG phone?

I'm about to change phone after nearly 4 years with my Galaxy S8. And the thing I'm really looking after now is battery duration and life expectancy. My current phone and the one before have got me tired of low quality batteries. After looking around...

【Fun Fact】Some settings that can help save data usage

I'm someone who finds it hard to stay away from the internet all day. The importance of the internet to me is probably second only to activities like eating and sleeping that are essential for survival. My smartphone is on an unlimited data plan, so ...

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Tutorial for Creating AniMe Vision

Hello everyone, it's been a while! Previously, I shared a tutorial on how to customize ROG Vision, and I'm sure many of you are curious about how to incorporate GIFs into the new ROG Phone 8 Pro. There's also been a surge of interest in AniMe Vision ...