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【Sharing Thread】 AniMe Vision

Welcome to the AniMe Vision Thread! We're excited to have you join us, ready to unveil your creativity and share captivating content for AniMe Vision on the ROG Phone 8. This thread is exclusively dedicated to exploring and exchanging remarkable visu...

Panda_ROG by Community Agent
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Armoury Crate: Scenario Profiles

While it’s great to be able to play a game out of the box, in some cases it’s even better to be able to customize certain things to make your experience even better, that’s why we have Scenario Profiles on Armoury Crate. What is a Scenario Profile? T...

Mattias_ROG_0-1701176887975.jpeg Mattias_ROG_1-1701176887982.jpeg Mattias_ROG_2-1701176887988.jpeg Mattias_ROG_3-1701176887994.jpeg

【Sharing Thread】 ROG Vision

Welcome to the ROG Vision Thread! We're thrilled to have you here, ready to showcase your creativity and share mesmerizing content for ROG Vision. This thread is dedicated to exploring and exchanging stunning visuals, animations, and designs for ROG ...

Screenshot_20230810-155551_Chrome_1.jpg Screenshot_20230813-191634_Chrome_1.jpg
Panda_ROG by Community Agent
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Welcome to the ROG Connect! Please read our guideline!

Welcome to the ROG Connect! We encourage you to discuss any questions, reviews, tips, and news about the ROG Phone. However, for Hardware & Software Support, please ask them in the ROG Care or Zentalk Community . 1. ROG Care -> Hardware & Softwa...

Panda_ROG by Community Agent
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Warpath X Metal Slug collaboration

Hello gamers, hope you are all having a great monday! The RTS game Warpath is getting a collaboration with the popular retro shooter franchise Metal Slug! You can check the announcement trailer here:  

Animation related sharing and discussion:Walküre (Macross Delta)

  Today I’m going to recommend good-looking animation~ Walküre appeared as a singing idol unit in the Japanese animation "Macross Delta", and were later formed by the voice actors who voiced the characters~ Walküre's songs should be familiar to those...

101.gif 102.gif 103.gif 105.gif
willLO by Level 9
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Challenge Gboard Emoji Kitchen! 😉

Who can make a funnier Emoji?Google search: Emoji Kitchenand you can play together 殺!Emojis created with the ROG Phone are just adorable, especially Airtriggers on the ROG Phone is my favorite feature! #ROGStars#ROG Stars Share and Like - "ROG Stars...

5D7653D5-5676-4555-9B10-61A9C9632B47.jpeg 5D7653D5-5676-4555-9B10-61A9C9632B47.jpeg

Do you like the ROG Phone? I really do!!

I'm not sure why others chose the ROG Phone, but I personally got into the ROG brand because I enjoy building my own gaming PCs. I think ROG is a TOP brand for gaming PCs, with powerful performance, excellent aesthetics, and great durability. I've be...

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Sazami by Level 7
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I m daily live streaming with ROG PHONE 7 minimum 8 hours On CODM 90FPS OR 120FPS the phone working very smooth  thanx to Asus.


I had just gotten my hands on the ROG Phone 6, and I was eager to put its gaming capabilities to the test. I decided to dive into a popular mobile battle royale game that I had been playing for months. Little did I know that this would be a gaming ex...

IMG-4fe1e977da803205872e9a43c2fde717-V.jpg IMG-65aa7739477c13c63cf41f2cfc03d361-V.jpg

The true successor to ROG phone 2

Do you remember the ROG phone II? It was cool, innovative, and packed a huge 6000 mAh battery. Compared to ROG phone 1, it used a full aluminium frame and a bigger screen for example. After many years, I finally made the jump and bought the ROG phone...

5Q7r9gi Asus-ROG-Phone-7-Ultimate-73-scaled
boby123 by Level 7
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