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Welcome to the ROG Phone Forum! Please read our guideline !

Welcome to the ROG Phone Forum! We encourage you to discuss any questions, reviews, tips, and news about the ROG Phone. However, for technical support and upgrade-related questions, please ask them in the Zentalk Community. You can visit the Zen...


Themes & Wallpapers

Welcome to the ROG Phone Themes & Wallpapers Board! We're excited to see the creative themes and wallpapers you've made for the ROG Phone. This board is dedicated to sharing and showcasing user-created content, so we encourage you to share your creat...

Profiles sharing

Welcome to the Profiles Sharing Board! We're excited to have you here, ready to share and discover gaming profiles for the ROG Phone. This board is dedicated to exchanging gaming Scenario Profiles, AirTriggers Profiles, Key Mapping Profiles, and Ma...

The ROG Phone 2 experiences lag when playing games

I'm not sure if this issue is due to software or hardware. My ROG Phone 2 frequently lags when playing AOV (even though it's not a graphics-intensive game). I have tried reducing the graphics quality of the game to medium and low settings, but this i...

ROG Vision

Welcome to the ROG Vision Board! We're thrilled to have you here, ready to showcase your creativity and share mesmerizing content for ROG Vision. This board is dedicated to exploring and exchanging stunning visuals, animations, and designs for ROG Vi...

Honkai: Star Rail ROG Vision share

I have created two customized ROG Vision overlays for the game "Honkai: Star Rail". If you are interested, you can download and apply them at your convenience. Click picture to download JingYuan ROG Vision Click picture to download Kafka ROG Vision  

JingYuan.gif kafka_1.gif

ASUS Phone Game Compatibility and Optimization Issues

Hello everyone,I recently got an ASUS ROG Phone 5 phone for gaming, but I'm facing compatibility and optimization problems with certain games. Some games run smoothly, while others lag, have frame rate drops, or even crash. I've tried adjusting setti...

ROG Android Desktop Launcher ?! 1 Device to rule them all!

Will there ever be a productivity/gaming oriented dekstop mode for ROG Phones?You did so great with the Desktop Dock for the ROG Phone 1-3. It would be so great to be able to just plug in your Phone and use it as a real desktop.Samsung has its "Dex"M...

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Rog phone 6d ultimate

We need the new cooler for the 6series make it possible pls u bring the rog 6 ultimate 5month ago out and drop so fast the new phone wtf go and make it possible to use the the cooler atachment we all pay alot of money for the phones 

Does Rog Phone 5 Support 3D designing?

I am using Rog phone 5 from 2 months I want to Install Sketchup app and design Interior fit out/ Shell scheme booth for Sketchiz company. Is it support 3D designing? because recently I Installed on my another android device which hang and stop workin...