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Level 7

I m daily live streaming with ROG PHONE 7 minimum 8 hours On CODM 90FPS OR 120FPS the phone working very smooth  thanx to Asus.


Community Agent


Welcome to the ROG Forum Community! We sincerely appreciate your support. It brings us great joy to learn that the ROG Phone 7 provides a seamless gaming experience during your daily live streams on CODM. We are also excited to hear more about your gaming journey and eagerly await the valuable insights you'll exchange with fellow gamers.

Enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest, and once again, thank you for being a part of the ROG family!


Level 8

How can we change the FPS for COD Mobile in Asus ROG 7 (India Version)

Community Agent

Hi, please be informed that the availability of specific features, such as the 90 FPS option, can vary depending on your region and the game developer's decisions. Game developers typically roll out new features based on the technical and market requirements of different regions.

Thanks Panda. From the name Praveen, I assume he too is from India. If the 90 FPS is available for him then it should be available for me as well. Where do I find the setting?

Hi, I am not from India but I believe that in order to have 90 fps or higher, you set the graphics settings to lowest possible, then higher FPS options will appear.

Community Agent

Please refer to this Game Setting:
Graphics: Smooth
Frame rate settings: 90fps should be available.


Thanks Panda. What are the best settings for CODM for ROG 7?

Community Agent


Thank you for your inquiry. Since everyone's usage and gaming habits vary, there isn't a single "best" setting; it really depends on what suits you best. Personally, I prefer the settings mentioned above, combined with the Official Scenario Profile to optimize power consumption and reduce heat on the phone. Additionally, utilizing the phone's AirTriggers feature can enhance the gaming experience and provide convenient in-game controls.

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