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Asus die like a cameraphone?

Level 7

Not so long ago, I was expecting a new line of Asus, I was really looking forward to a new set of cameras.
I recently made a thread about it.

The first people to get Rog 8 and Rog 8 Pro, dropped me dumpsys
And you know, the crutch that geeks love, "a separate camera for full-res RAW", is no longer there.
The one thing that made the Asusphone better than ALL the others is now gone.
It's a painfully disappointing for an Asus fan.

I'll wait for the release of the Zenfone 11, but if nothing changes, Asus will remain among the competitors of Google Pixel 3-4, like most of all smartphones that are released.
The 12 mp vs 12 mp competition hasn't made any sense for a very long time.
Will the Zenfone 8 remain the best cameraphone in Asus history?


Level 7

I want to apologize, I didn't see the full log.
Rogphone 8 has a 50 megapixel mode, it's not the end of the world.
But it's still at 10 fps. It's still useless.
I'm waiting for you to put a level sensor like 686.
The current 890 is still downgrade.