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Armoury Crate: Scenario Profiles


While it’s great to be able to play a game out of the box, in some cases it’s even better to be able to customize certain things to make your experience even better, that’s why we have Scenario Profiles on Armoury Crate.

What is a Scenario Profile?

The Scenario Profile is a specific set of settings that will launch together with your game, instead of having to customize and prepare the settings time and time again.

When you download a game to your phone, it will automatically appear on your “Game Library” on Armoury Crate, in here you will have a couple of options, such as visiting the game’s Official site on the left tab, looking through the videos or screenshots you have saved in “My record” in the right tab, or going to the Scenario Profiles tab in the middle, which will be the focus of this guide.



In Scenario Profiles you can choose how the game will be launched on your ROG Phone, giving you the choice on how the phone will perform when launching a specific game, starting with 4 performance modes to choose from.

  1. Ultra-durable: This mode minimizes power consumption and extends your battery life, turning off system lighting and reducing sound volume, this mode is great if you have a game that doesn’t require a lot graphically or if you just want to extend your battery life while gaming.


  2. Dynamic: Balances both performance and battery life, this mode adjusts dynamically the performance level when it’s needed, this mode is great for normal apps or games that don’t necessarily need a lot but still want good performance.


  3. Advanced: In Advanced you can customize individual settings and fine-tune performance according to your specific needs, In here you will have 4 different categories with many different choices you can edit:


  • Touch: You can adjust the sensitivity and precision of your swipes and touches, giving you the possibility to boost the touch sampling rate to 720hz to maximize responsiveness in games.
  • Display: In this tab, you will be met with the ability to change the refresh rate of your screen while playing the game, the choices are 60/120/144/165Hz, important to remember that a higher refresh rate will give you a smoother experience but at the cost of battery life, if this sounds a bit complicated then you can always activate “Auto” which will take care of it for you. In here you will also be met with the Graphics boost selection, where you have 3 different choices:
    1. Balance: Your graphics will be adjusted to give you a balance of both picture quality and battery life.
    2. High Quality: This mode will improve GPU efficiency in games and provide better graphics, this mode can drain more battery but makes sure your games look great!
    3. Customize: If you want to customize the graphics to your liking then this mode is for you, in here you can adjust MSAA, Anisotropic Filtering, Texture Filtering Quality, and Mipmap Level of Detail Bias, giving you full control over the graphic fidelity for either better graphics or higher performance.
  • Performance: With Gaming Tuning you will be able to select one of three performance presets to allow for better performance when playing, the modes will automatically be applied when you start a game. It is strongly recommended to use the AeroActive Cooler with Lv3 as your phone could get hot. If you are experienced in tuning you can also choose the Advanced gaming tuning, where you can manually choose and customize a profile and adjust several values to your liking.
  • Network: Here you will find 3 choices to improve your network stability. Auto 5G automatically switches between 4G and 5G to improve performance and battery life. Prevent switching networks will prevent your phone from switching between Wi-Fi and mobile networks if you already are on a mobile network, and Restrict background sync, which will stop the sync of other apps while you are playing your game and ensure you can play without disturbances.



  1. X-Mode: In X-Mode the phone will run at full speed, making your games look great and smooth, this mode can decrease battery life and even make your phone’s temperature increase.


  2. X-Mode+: If you now connect your AeroActive and choose the X-Mode it will transform into X-Mode+, unlocking your phone’s full potential, with performance that goes even further beyond X-Mode while keeping your phone cool, giving you the best performance for an even longer period of time.


If this feels complicated then there’s an easy way to get a customized scenario profile for the game you are playing, to use this, simply press on the 3 dots in the top right corner if you are using your phone vertically and 3 choices if the phone is in a horizontal position, and on the tab you will get 3 new alternatives:

  1. Official Scenario Profiles: Here you can download the most up-to-date scenario profiles made to optimize your game, just press the profile that you want to try, and it will give you a little preview of what the scenario will do to the game, if you want to try it then just press “Apply” and start your game.


  2. Import Scenario Profiles: As the name implies, you can import other users’ scenario profiles you have downloaded or transferred from other players. To use this, make sure to download a profile file from a friend or on ROG Connect, and then press on Import Scenario Profile to be able to add it to your list of profiles and apply it.


  3. Share Scenario Profile: After you have become a pro at customization, now you can share your masterpiece with other players and friends, just press Share and it will create a file you can share with either your friends via Nearby Share or online with other users!



After applying a performance mode for your game, you can now choose mappings you have made for the game for your AirTriggers, Key Mappings, or even Macros!

But in some cases it can be a bit complicated, that’s where ROG Instant Master comes into play, in here you can easily just download ready-made mappings for your AeroActive Cooler buttons or your AirTriggers, to spend more time gaming and less time configuring buttons.