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AeroActive Cooler 7 and cooling modes


While gaming and doing more CPU-intensive tasks there is always a chance of the phone getting warm, to fight this we have created the AeroActive Cooler 7, the perfect companion for your ROG Phone, allowing your CPU to stay cool to avoid lag and even giving you better performance while at it.

The AeroActive Cooler 7 is a thermoelectric fan exclusive to the ROG Phone 7 that works together with a Peltier element to achieve lower temperatures than a normal fan could reach.

With the AeroActive Cooler 7 connected, you can go to Armoury Crate > AeroActive Cooler 7 > “More settings” and there you will have 4 different modes to choose from:



  1. Smart: The AeroActive Cooler adapts to your phone’s activity level, giving you better cooling when you are doing an intensive task or running demanding apps and calming down when there isn’t a lot happening.

  2. Cool: In this mode the AeroActive Cooler will keep a steady airflow to keep your device cool.

  3. Frosty: In frosty you get a combination of a steady airflow combined with thermoelectric cooling, which works by cooling the thermoelectric chip up to 25°C lower on the back of the device and up to 8°C on the touch panel, thanks to the “DualCool” design, ensuring a comfortable temperature for your hands by blowing cool air in the front of the display.

  4. Frozen: This is the ultimate cooling mode, where it boosts the airflow and uses the thermoelectric cooler, making sure your phone stays cool even when you are playing the most intensive games. This mode can only be activated by connecting the USB-C charger into the USB-C port of the AeroActive Cooler as it needs external power via the side charging port.

These modes also appear if you open Game Genie in-game and select “Cooling mode”, giving you the same 4 choices.





But while keeping your ROG Phone cool is a great thing, more performance is even cooler. You can access X-Mode+ when the AeroActive Cooler is connected, allowing for the highest performance your ROG Phone can reach, this can be activated either on Armoury Crate or Game Genie.

The AeroActive Cooler conveniently has 4 mappable physical buttons which are ergonomically designed to give you a controller-like experience when holding your ROG Phone, to customize these buttons you can go into Game Genie inside of your game > AirTriggers > “Cooler buttons”, here you can easily drag and drop the buttons to your desired position to map them to any on-screen function for that specific game.






If you are connecting it to a ROG Phone 7 Ultimate then you will be able to use the AeroActive Portal, which is a little black “door” on the backside of your ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, this door will open automatically when you connect your AeroActive Cooler 7 for optimal airflow and the best cooling your phone can get.

The AeroActive Cooler is more than just a cooler for your ROG Phone. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack for low-latency audio and easy access, Aura RGB to customize your cooler for different occasions, a kickstand to watch your phone at a comfortable angle, and the Cooler even works as a subwoofer, providing you with a 2.1-channel sound and giving you an immersive experience like no other.