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Some more subtle setup advice for the Ally

Level 10

So, just a quick note on making an already beautiful-looking system even more spectacular. I'm in the US, so things might be different or better in your country, let me just say that first.

1. Change your Windows Desktop to Dark Mode. I was busy burning my eyes out trying to see the tiny, invisible mouse pointer on the extremely white default desktop and toolbars. I won't go into the details here, but use a Theme and also look for a Dark Mode setting. This will help you IMMENSELY with being able to use the interface outside Armory Crate (which is fine, and improving fast!).

2. COLOR CALIBRATION: This is something every user of every computer and TV and handheld gaming platform that allows it should definitely spend some time on.  As shipped, my Ally, again, was not making use of the full, wide gamut of the default sRBG color profile, due to a variety of settings. There's a lot of recursive stuff here: The AMD Radeon software graphics settings, the Windows graphics settings, the Armory Crate graphics settings. They all often fight with each other. Decide carefully how you're going to proceed. I set up my Radeon Graphics settings very simply by just choosing the "Game" preset -- done. Let other details be taken in the software, or Armory Crate's own tweak options. Simplest.

But absolutely, once you can see things in Windows and have learned to navigate the interface (I will give you hope and say yes, it's very easy to use the game controller as a mouse, especially if you've had experience with that with Xbox controllers, as it uses a very similar language of control options by default), do a Color Calibration. Again, I won't bore you with the details of how to get there; just use the Windows Search function, it's buried in the System/Settings/Display options, you'll figure out how to get there eventually. Go through the color calibration carefully, paying special attention to gamma. Remember that "brightness" means black level, which is very rich on the Ally, so don't blow those out by setting brightness too high! And Contrast is all about the white level, use the images included with the Windows tool to calibrate to very carefully balance your brightness level so that the white guy in the white shirt has the details just visible on his shirt, not washed out.

Short of having professional calibration software or tools, this will go a long ways to making your Ally look even more spectacular!

Since it's portable, you'll have to make choices once you have a default setup based on the lighting conditions of the environment you're playing in, of course, but it's always good to start with something that will give you the widest possible color gamut, to maximize the beauty of what you are seeing onscreen.

Hope that helps!