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ROG Ally

Level 7

Hi) I think to buy an ROG Ally, but have some questions about it.

1) Is it possible to change ram to 32gb and ssd to 1, or even 2 tb, by myself, or it’s locked and limited by motherboard? For me 16/512 aren’t enough, because of Windows. On SteamDeck it’s partially locked, but replaced ssd with more cap is worked well.
2) If I buy an eGPU, it will take both slots (including type-c) or type-c will be free to use, like for external ssd, etc.? I don’t like MicroSD cards, because they can be broken very easy due to many reasons
3) Can I buy an additional battery for it somewhere? Because the main ones will lost it’s cap very fast for sure). Also, how it’s working with the 60+w Powerbank?
4) Does it needs an additional external cooling system? Because the motherboard of my ROG fx laptop with 1060 is overheated and burned out. I thought about repairing, but main parts are no longer on sale. I don't want scary history to repeat itself 😅
5) Can You recommend me where to buy the Ally in Poland?

Thanks for your time!