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ROG Ally recovery did not install everything back to factory settings

Level 7

I have upgraded my SSD for my ally and reinstalled windows following the instructions on the ASUS website and various youtube videos.

Upon reinstalling windows 11, i notices the background wallpaper was missing and the armory crate and MyAsus app is gone. I have since reinstalled MyAsus and armoury crate but I'm now unsure if there is anything else missing.

I followed the steps from the youtube videos and all of them had the armory crate and background wallpaper the same as when you first boot the device.

Is there a way i can get it back to how it was when i first booted up my ROG Ally?



Level 7

Me to.  Is a normal windows  not tyni like befor!!  -.- i instal armory but I want back like befor!