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Red Dead Redemption 2 not running on Ally.... Again?

Level 9

So I've seen a post regarding a similar issue already but this issue I think might be a driver related one. 

I've just bought and installed this game on my Asus laptop an Nvidia device. But the Ally kicks up an error that is not new, that happens when launching the game and the Rockstar Launcher stops and shows a "game already running" error, and the option to exit the game. I removed this error by deleting the RDR2 folder in My Documents. Running again causes a "driver cannot initialize" error. I've had another driver error when attempting launching the game outside of steam and the launcher using the install exe.

This seems like a driver problem, and I know that the game has been running on Ally in the past for people. So I'm wondering if anyone else now has this issue and if there is a fix, or whether it's known and being worked on. 



Accepted Solutions

just done this fix :

"The fix is actually so easy and you DON'T have to do a system restore or clean reinstall of windows....  go to system, installed apps, then search for 'package compatibility opencl opengl vulkan' and uninstall it."

View solution in original post


Level 7

Did u figure it out ?

It's because I've tried a lot of things that didn't work, that meant I posted here. I'm hoping more people come here with the same issue because I'm at a loss right now. 

If a gpu driver update is needed then we'll have to be patient. Maybe the last driver broke something. But I needed to make someone aware of this issue. 

Level 7

Same issue on my Rog Ally! I have RDR2 on Rockstar Games app, the I bought it on steam! It doesn't launch at all. I've seen many people talking about solutions like update drivers , delete "Settings" folder, trying to launch witch DX12 instead of Vulkan, nothing works !

Level 7

Hi all

I've the same problem on my ROG ally. Since the last update (Bios, windows, armoury crate) I can't lauch the game. I reinstalled RDR2, delete the save folder but it still doesn't work. Please help me 🙏

Level 7

same is happening with me after the latest Jan Updates, just not launching 
deleted and reinstalled RDR2 , no go 
deleted the Rockstar Launcher, deleted cache and all, downloaded the latest Launcher, still the same.

waiting for the fix as its been addressed in the forum now.


Is everyone having the same issue as myself I done an update and now I click on the launcher and it says loading and then it says the game is running but nothing loads up ? How long does this normally take to fix ?

We're not sure what the issue is. I doubt it's a game issue as the game was working before for people, unless it's purely linked to the launcher itself, but I'm not convinced of that. 

Myself though, I've never been able to run the game on my Ally. From Rockstar's point of view, I'd imagine they would state that they don't support this GPU anyway.

So if it's a driver issue, then AMD need to be made aware and I'm hoping ASUS would mention it. I've tried various things to see if it would get around the issue but nothing has worked. The last thing was noticing that it doesn't even get as far as creating a "settings" folder in My Documents. So I copied one across from a working installation. No luck. Switching API via altering a settings file doesn't work either. 

So I don't know what to say, other than just keep shouting about it politely, till someone comes and rescues the game for the Ally!

i.e. We need an ally! 

Level 8

I have been a new rog ally owner for a week now.
I installed RDR2 and was unable to launch it with the same issues described above.
I also tested different solutions found on the web without success.
I'm just glad to see that the problem isn't just with my device and according this thread it has appeared since the january update. I hope ASUS/AMD will release a fix soon.
I follow this thread closely.

Level 8

Found a solution that works for me, hope for you.

in this thread :

in comments, reply of GABECOOL