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OpenGL 4.3 crashes ROG ally when enabling 117HD in RuneLite OSRS

Level 7

Hi folks,

A few people have reported OpenGL 4.3 crashes ROG Ally already with the last few updates to the AMD video drivers for the ROG Ally

Seems like the ROG ally is having an issue with OpenGL 4.3 with more than just Runescape. I've reported the issues to the Runelite team, but it's likely an AMD driver issue rather than Runelite with the Z1 extreme drivers. This impacts the GPU and HD 117 plugins limiting or breaking them completely.

Has anyone got the Ally to work with OpenGL 4.3 on the latest release of Version V31.0.21029.8004 (as of 10/26/23)? As an alternative, the HDOS launcher works perfectly fine but misses many of those good plugins folks enjoy.