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No Freesync on external TV

Level 8


I've the Rog Ally since few days and I'm really satisfied so far but on thing bother me A LOT.

I use the official dock to play on my Samsung TV (S95b) which support all kind of VRR (2.1 hdmi VRR, Gsync and Freesync)

My Xbox Series X use Freesync and it's working like a charm. 

The only thing I have to do on my TV is to set up game mode and activate Freesync / Gsync / VRR on the device side and it should work. 

Sadly it's not the case with The Rog Ally, when I go in AMD Software Adrenalin Edition Freesync appear like unsupported (no way to toggle it) while in portable mode obviously it's working fine.

I know Rog Ally is available since few time but if anybody have an idea or better, a solution, I'll be glad.

If it's a software issue it need to be fix. 

Regards, Link. 



It's cool for you, no luck with my older TV 😢

Level 7

Guys, I was having the same problem as you... was not able to enable freesync to my LG C1 (over HDMI), but read that freesync requires having a pure connection to work. So HDMI to HDMI or DP to DP.

According to the Ally specs, it has DP 1.4. My dock have 1x DP 1.4 port and 2x HDMI 2.1 ports... So I tested the DP port on my monitor and it worked. Full freesync enabled.

Looks like the dock convert DP to HDMI, so it only enables the freesync when using the DP port. Also, USB-C use DP internally, so it should work if you have a USB-C monitor or any USB-C to DP.

So basically, there is no way to enable freesync over HDMI with the ally unless you buy the XG mobile that have pure HDMI ports.

Hi ViXoZuDo,

Thx for your contribution. 

My TV only have HDMI port so I'm f***ed up ? It's sucks.