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No Freesync on external TV

Level 8


I've the Rog Ally since few days and I'm really satisfied so far but on thing bother me A LOT.

I use the official dock to play on my Samsung TV (S95b) which support all kind of VRR (2.1 hdmi VRR, Gsync and Freesync)

My Xbox Series X use Freesync and it's working like a charm. 

The only thing I have to do on my TV is to set up game mode and activate Freesync / Gsync / VRR on the device side and it should work. 

Sadly it's not the case with The Rog Ally, when I go in AMD Software Adrenalin Edition Freesync appear like unsupported (no way to toggle it) while in portable mode obviously it's working fine.

I know Rog Ally is available since few time but if anybody have an idea or better, a solution, I'll be glad.

If it's a software issue it need to be fix. 

Regards, Link. 


Level 9

Same here. I have an LG C2 and cannot get Freesync to show as supported no matter what I try. Any other VRR device works fine and automatically activates VRR with the TV. It’s just the Ally. It’s not a bandwidth issue as the dock supports 8k at 30 and 4k at 120 (which works fine). It’s just communication to and from the TV from the Ally. Also, my desktop PC works just fine as well. 

Thx for your feedback Gamdevguy66, it's kind of "reassuring" and it's not Samsung TV related. 

All kind of VRR work on my others devices too, HDMI 2.1 for Ps5, Freesync for Xbox Series X and Gsync for a very old laptop.

Odly HDR work fine when connected to the TV but no luck for Freesync 😭

Sorry, didn't see you had replied. No problem. Same here with HDR as well. I can do 120hz @1080p with HDR fine. I also know it can do 4K (haven't tested 120hz). It's definitely odd that it doesn't recognize Freesync. 

Hi Gamdevguy66! May I know which dock you use? Can you get 30w turbo mode?

I bought one on Amazon with high bandwidth in mind. I had one that claimed compatibility with the Ally, but was originally designed for the Steam Deck. It worked, but couldn't do 120hz at any resolution. I was really surprised by how compact it was. This is the one I picked up: 

RSHTECH USB C Dongle Adapter with 8K HDMI 

It does not activate 30W Turbo. From what I understand, they are working on it internally at Asus. 

Level 8

Any answer from an administrator or a moderator, are you considering fixing this issue ?!? 

Level 7

I don't think it is supported on TV cause the LG and Samsung TV requires HDMI 2.1 to enable VRR. Even the official dock only do 2.0. PC monitors however don't require 2.1 to have VRR enable it's a limitation of the TV hdmi following the hdmi specification.

Hi KongCL0282,

The more recent type of VRR need an hdmi cable HDMI 2.1 but as far I know Freesync work fine on HDMI 2.0, it's working on Xbox One X and Series X on my old Samsung TV (hdmi 2.0). I will move my dock to my older TV to see what's happen. 

Ya TV always get funny with other devices, I just tested my spare Asus oled 27 monito and vrr is indeed supported and enabled over my no brand usb c to display port cable.