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Kingdom Hearts 1+2 works on the Ally (Instructions Below)

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I've had my ROG Ally nearly a whole month now and I love being able to play all my games portable like my steam games and a plethora of other things, but I ran into so many issues with Kingdom Hearts that I was starting to think I'll never get to enjoy the series in my hands wherever I may go. 

But after much tinkering about and crash testing I bring you the best news for KH fans with the Rog Ally.

It is possible to get Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Remix (Epic Games Release) to work after all. Follow the below steps to get it in working condition.

1) Install Borderless Gaming and Add Kingdom Hearts to the favorite list. This will make the game fullscreen and eliminate the border of the window.

Make sure the game screen mode is set to [Windowed] setting it to [Borderless Fullscreen] or [Fullscreen] will result in Display Driver timeouts and the game will hang.


2) Set Resolution in Kingdom Hearts to 720p (1280x720)

(Do not set it any higher or you will run into Display Driver timeouts, try setting to 1600x900 or 1920x1080 and go into the Train leading to Sunset Terrace in Twilight Town, you will run into a timeout extremely quickly here.)


3) Set Resolution on Command Centre to 720p.

(Do not set higher to avoid Display Driver timeouts.)


4) Make sure all and any Vsync / Refresh Rates / Freesync are turned off. You can find AMD Freesync via Adrenaline under the Graphics tab.


5) Lock your FPS to 60 in game and on Command Centre on the FPS Limiter and set it to 60fps.


6) Set the refresh rate on the Command Centre to 60hz


7) Because you're Windowed, you won't get any screen tearing anyway, so turn them all off.


Using the 60 fps patch is more likely to proceed past the Kairi and Selphie cutscene if it hangs on 30 fps. Use TopazTK's FPS unlocker to release the games FPS lock on cutscenes.

Make sure you leave the settings alone afterwards.

Oh, and make sure you're on [Adrenaline 23.12.1] the latest build released on 5th December 2023.



Level 7

Testing pausing and unpausing a few times and no crashing yet.

Make sure you have hidden the taskbar in taskbar settings, there should be two settings.

Optimize taskbar for touch and Automatically hide the taskbar, turn off optimise for touch and turn on automatically hide the taskbar, it will crash if it sees the taskbar, and I don't know why.

Is this still working for you?