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Is the SD card issue being looked at?

Level 8

So, I have read all over, on reddit, here, people having issues with the SD card reader, and it seems like since summer ASUS has gone dark about this. Is the issue actively being looked at? I wanted to get an Ally, but I cant bring myself to drop cash if ASUS is going to cut  and run any time their products have issues. I understand installing a bigger SSD is very easy in the ally, but I am more concerned with the customer service approach moreso than the specifics of this one issue.

I dont really like the SteamOS or the look of the deck, and the Lenovo Legion Go seems like its going to be too big and chonky, so was looking at the Ally.


Level 9

Yes, it is being looked at. On Discord several people are reporting that recent RMA units are performing fine and the SD reader isn't failing. There is also a rumor that mainboards manufactured recently (after August) seem not to have the issue. 

ASUS has not released any official statement on the state of the SD card, but indications are good at the moment. Their position, which they did articulate, is if you have an SD issue then RMA the Ally and they will fix it. I think ASUS is doing a decent job of supporting the Ally. They released some updates in the past week for Armory Crate as well as a BIOS update. RMA experience is somewhat varied based on what country you're in. Most are pretty good, but you do hear once in a while that the RMA is taking weeks, etc.