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Is Rog Ally battery bypass bug exists?

Level 7

I have a 120w charger and a 100w docking station (3.rd party). 
I've set an option for games in armoury crate to start the game in Turbo mode while it's on charger (AC), and start in performance mode while in handheld mode (DC).
If I start the game when it's only on charger (it's own 65w) it starts in Turbo mode so it's ok this way.

However when I start it when docked to TV (with the 120w charger and station) it's starts the game in performance mode.
At first, it's a bit annoying to go there and switch it manually but this is a tiny problem, but a question popped up on my mind:
Does this mean the bypass charging is not working? If the Ally sense the setup as in handheld and starts the game in performance instead of turbo, is it use the power of the battery instead of the charger? How do I know for sure? On windows desktop I can see a small hearth icon, but command center performance window doesn't show anything about this. I don't want to kill my battery.


Level 9

Whenever I connect other USB-C chargers to the ASUS Ally, it warns me that there may not be enough power to fully operate the handheld.  This is even though the other chargers are at least 65W chargers and one is a 140W charger.  The only charger that doesn’t give me an error message is the ASUS charger, so I think that it’s the only one they look for and check.  All other chargers trigger the message and likely because they aren’t recognized as sufficient, your Turbo mode trigger doesn’t work either.

ASUS could fix this if they wanted to, but I doubt that they will change it at this point in the game.