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How to remap back paddles?

Level 7

you know when you re-key a game, and you press a button and it pops up "Button 7", "Button 8", "Button 9"
is there a way i can set up the back paddles as such?

it seems, or as i understand it, the back paddles moreso act like a 2nd button, like 2 "A" buttons or 2 "X" buttons when trying to remap.

(Basically, i dont want the paddle button to do the same as another button, i want it to be its OWN extra key)

how do i do that?


Level 7

 You can assign keyboard or other commands to each specifically in Armory Crate. That's what I have been doing and it works fine. Wish I could run advanced macros or keypresses in Armory Crate, like you can in Steam's controller configurations,or with the program reWASD.

Level 9

You can remap it through Armory crate game profiles. However once u remap those button you have to left click the system button and activate AUTO controller instead of gamepad to activate the specific game profile control.