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Features I don’t understand

Level 7

When I bought my Ally and its egpu, I figured I could get the best of both worlds…a portable gaming device that I could also dock and play from across the room like a gaming console.  Ideally, I want to just grab my controller and turn on the Ally from across the room…and play.


why does the Ally not realize that it is docked to an egpu and automatically just use it?  Why do I have to go and tap the screen to let it know?   There’s a huge proprietary connector.  How does the device not see it?

and as for turning it on from across the room….again, nope.  It even has a wired network connection when docked, but I can send magic packets until I turn blue, it will not boot up.  I have tried bluetooth mice, keyboards, I have tried USB dongles, nothing boots this thing up except hitting the power button.

for the record, I have an older laptop attached to my TV (HDMI) and it boots up with magic packets sent from my ipad, at which point I can use the controller to play.  Easy peasy.  None of the bios or Windows settings that made that work so well are available on the Ally.

I am so confused.  Why would ASUS produce an egpu without having it work hand-in-hand with the devices that use it?