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Does not work like it should

Level 7

Do you also have problems with the ASUS Rog ally? I like to play Call of Duty MWIII. Sometimes it works great, sometimes I have to restart the device multiple times until it works again…. 
when trying to play Forza Horizon 5 it always crashes. Only twice the game started as it should, but I could not control the game with the gamepad controllers, only with touch screen, although Gamepad was enabled in the settings. 

same with Baldur Gate 3! Always crashes, when it works the controls are very different to the controls I I’m used from the Steam Deck.


I really think of giving it back to Amazon and going to try the Legion Go, or switching back to Steam Deck.




Level 8

Hey man I'm done with Asus products! I have the Asus rog Ally and I had to send it back three times because there were issues with it. This device has severe micro SD card issues it burns your SD card out even if you updated it to the latest firmware. This company does not care about fixing these things it seems like and I've had problems with other Asus products I am done with this company!

Oh and by the way not only does it burn out your micro SD cards and make them unusable it also fries the micro SD card reader so you can't even use the SD card reader anymore you can open up device and put a SSD in but that would void the warranty and also they could lead to complications thermal throttling is horrible on this device it runs very hot. 

Level 7

So do you think the Lenovo works better? 

I bought a Lenovo Legion Go. Forza Horizon and CallofDuty works perfect. Hat now issues with system restarts or freezing. The Rog ally went back to Amazon.

The big Display also is great to play games. I can really recommend the Legion Go