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Can't apply customized Gamepad and Desktop modes to games

Level 7

Loving the Ally, but I find it very annoying that once you've customized Gamepad and Desktop button mappings to your liking, you can't apply your customized presets as templates for a specific game in Armouy Crate SE. If you apply Desktop or Gamepad from the list of templates, it applies the stock button mapping instead of your customized version. Why is this?

Also, once you've customized the key map for a game, you can never remove the customization and have it revert to the (stock or customized) Gamepad and Desktop modes.

As a result, if you tweak your Gamepad button mapping, you have to reapply it manually to all games that were previously customized.

Seems like this would be easy to fix:

Allow users to apply their customized Gamepad and Desktop button maps by choosing them as a template, and when doing so, have Armoury Crate link to the customized button map instead of creating a copy (so any further customization will reflect on all games using it), UNLESS the user makes game-specific changes, in which case the game should indeed have its own separate copy of the key map.

Thanks for considering this, IMO it would be a significant usability improvement.