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I just recently received a permanent ban for using my ROG Ally. Not sure if it’s the built in overlay software or third party dock that caused some sort of lag spike. Paid 70 dollars for MW3 and now I’m banned from playing all recent COD titles inclu...

ceenan by Level 7
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Macro buttons and custom keybinds

so when I'm playing certain games in controller mode currently Rogue Trader 40k. There are certain mods I am trying to use that require keyboard commands such as Shift+T. I tried assigning one of the macro buttons on the back to do a custom macro wit...

Kingdom Hearts 1+2 works on the Ally (Instructions Below)

Hi everyone, I've had my ROG Ally nearly a whole month now and I love being able to play all my games portable like my steam games and a plethora of other things, but I ran into so many issues with Kingdom Hearts that I was starting to think I'll nev...

Trophy guides problems

W czasie gry nie wyświetla mi zdobytych trofeów brak komunikatu o wykonaniu trofea.

ROG ALLY and Official Dock - No Freesync working on ASUS Monitor?

Hi All, At my wits end with this product to be honest. I have bought the following items and can't get freesync to work: - ROG ALLY Official Dock- ASUS TUF VG249Q3A which has Freesync Premium Pro.I have tried everything- Different speed/quality HDMI ...

Stray run mode

Hey there, newbie here. I just got the dog ally extreme and am playing Stray (Steam) and am having difficulty performing the run motion with the R1 control. Any advice? Thanks. 

Warzone on rog ally z1 extreme Problem

Hallo Asus Team, I got Max new rog ally z1 extreme and im Not able to play Warzone 2.0 on it. Cod mw3 is no problem but only Warzone doesnt work. Im able to start the Game but it stucks in finding a match. It Starts with a pink from under 40 and ends...

Mwag87 by Level 7
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ROG Ally Z1 Extreme ssd M.2 compatible

Hi all, I'm considering doing a memory boost for my ROG Ally Exteme (RC71L ), hearing the support Asus recommended me these m.2 ssds (certified) but I can't find them on the web.Could anyone help me?Does anyone know them?I wanted to install something...

Nalez90 by Level 7
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Is the Asus ROG Ally non extreme a good buy for a kid?

Hi I’m looking at getting this for my younger brother for his birthday. I saw that best buy has it for sale for only $399. And all the reviews I’ve seen, they test out the extreme version. So idk how lacking the base model one is. I’m willing on gett...

ivrak by Level 7
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Dock/Hub with 4k@120Hz and 30W Turbo

Hello,I´ve tested several Docks and Hubs for the Ally, but either the Dock/Hub supported 4k@120Hz or the Turbo Mode with 30W or supported the Turbo Mode with 30W an then only 4k@60Hz, but never both together.Someone here who knows any Dock/Hub suppor...

tom2104 by Level 7
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