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Add option to disable automatic BIOS updates

Just like on my desktop PC, I would much rather wait to see reactions on new BIOS updates before updating manually. The ROG Ally seems to automatically check for and install new BIOS updates. Please add an option to disable this.

Anyone gotten Star Trek: Resurgence to run?

I'd been running Star Trek: Resurgence on the Steam Deck via Heroic Launcher, which had various quirks, so I was really looking forward to finishing the game on my Ally. Only to discover that, upon loading/restarting the game from its in-game menu, t...

DennyA by Level 7
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Man the OEM case blows!!!

How is there no spot for the charger.I mean COME ON, its a device that cost $700 and last 1.5 hrs. and you don't include a spot in the case lol.Hopefully this is the cheap Ally only option and you all will release a premium case that holds a LOT MORE...

Resolved! Does ROG Ally Support MicroSD with Random Read Performance of A2?

I'm trying to find a MicroSD card for my Asus ROG Ally.  I'm having a hard time figuring out if it supports a Random Read Performance of A2 as described at the end of this article:

Cloud Recovery Issue

When I upgraded my nvme in my device and I booted it up after. I tried using cloud recovery, when it looked for my wifi ssid, I found it and it asked me to input my password. My password has a tilde ~ in it and for nothing did it allow me to input th...

Cloud Recovery “server authentication failed”

After following the Asus guide for swapping the ssd, I’m getting these errors for the cloud recovery portion“Cannot connect to network.Select "Next" to connect to a China-based server or "Cancel to leave Cloud Recovery.”I click enter and then I recei...

apdhalo by Level 7
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2 issues I am facing with my ally

1) It appears the option in armory crate to allocation VRAM has been removed.  How do I get to this option so I can lower it to 2GB?2) The ally's charging lights are white, but windows 11 is not showing it as plugged in.  I wanted to make sure while ...

MSJ by Level 7
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Resolved! ASUS Ally internal storage: upgradeable?

Hi,Quick question re: the Ally: is it possible to open it up and replace the existing, tiny 512GB of internal storage with, say, a Samsung 980 Pro NVme card? Seems like it should be doable, or is it soldered in or something?These days 512GB for a gam...

Melina by Level 10
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