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Some more subtle setup advice for the Ally

So, just a quick note on making an already beautiful-looking system even more spectacular. I'm in the US, so things might be different or better in your country, let me just say that first.1. Change your Windows Desktop to Dark Mode. I was busy burni...

Melina by Level 10
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rog ally controller not working properly in mk11

rog ally controller not working properly in mk11, i tried to change the input device in mk11 game settings, from keyboard to xboxone but after saving.. it wont save,, it goes back to keyboard..any suggestion,, thank you

Missing Lighting Effects in Armoury Crate SE

I’ve seen several videos around of people showing the features of Armoury Crate SE on the Ally that have several new lighting effects for the analog sticks. I’m updated to the latest version and don’t have them. I’m guessing it’s a bug/glitch because...

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 6.07.58 PM.png

ROG Ally Screen Scratch

I recently picked up the ROG Ally from Best Buy yesterday.  Today I brought it to work and opened it on my lunch break in my office.  When I took off the top cover of the box I noticed a lot of dust and small particles on and inside of the plastic wr...

30W Turbo on official ROG 65W Charger Dock and others?

Question for those of you with the official ROG 65W Charger Dock...When using that Dock, does the ROG Ally offer the 30W Turbo Operating Mode?I have both the original charger and at least one aftermarket charger that will trigger the 30W Turbo Operat...

Add option to disable automatic BIOS updates

Just like on my desktop PC, I would much rather wait to see reactions on new BIOS updates before updating manually. The ROG Ally seems to automatically check for and install new BIOS updates. Please add an option to disable this.

Anyone gotten Star Trek: Resurgence to run?

I'd been running Star Trek: Resurgence on the Steam Deck via Heroic Launcher, which had various quirks, so I was really looking forward to finishing the game on my Ally. Only to discover that, upon loading/restarting the game from its in-game menu, t...

DennyA by Level 7
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Man the OEM case blows!!!

How is there no spot for the charger.I mean COME ON, its a device that cost $700 and last 1.5 hrs. and you don't include a spot in the case lol.Hopefully this is the cheap Ally only option and you all will release a premium case that holds a LOT MORE...