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Moving Out game - Missing after OS reload

prior to reloading the OS, the unit came with Moving Out game.  Is it possible to manually download and install it?  If yes, may I know how and where to get it?

donetus by Level 7
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Rog Ally doesn’t stay at wattage level set

Hello,  Im having a very frustrating issue with manual mode, I’ve set up an 18W profile.  First five minutes or so of a game it’ll be at 18w running smoothly, then it’ll drop to about 12-14w and my fps decreases and it never raises back up to 18w aga...

portable monitor

 I want to use this portable monitor to expand my gaming content. It comes with a keyboard, and I just need a mouse to turn it into a laptop. But can the performance of the Ally support games like APEX?My portable monitor:https://store.changingtouch....

blew by Level 7
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Resume Hibernate without password?

Is there any way to do it? I have an automatic Windows login, without password, pin, etc. But, for some reason, if I use hibernate, I still have to write down my credentials to resume. That's very annoying.

Asus Rog Alley Great Product

I purchased the Asus Rock alley from Best buy as open box. I was very pleased and happy to style and the weight in the functionality of the device. The only thing I see happening one day is that having a joystick drift would be possible. I am very im...

Virtual keyboard not typing

I got it to work by making it search for errors and suddenly an update appeared that was not there right before because i checked for software updates as the first thing Hi I just bought my Ally z1 extreme yesterday and did the software updates on it...

Asus Rog alley. Very slow performance Freezing hanging

Today I experienced some very slow performance with the Asus rog ally Device when I first started it up it boots up fast. I'm having problems with programs opening up apps will not open. Tried running Windows defender. Freezes up during a scan. Tried...

MicroSD not detected on Steam

Tried loading a 1TB MicroSD, able to detect when running XBOX and desktop windows, had formatted NTFS but not somehow not detectable under Steam.. anyone also has this issue?

Mortal Kombat 1 Gameplay Not Working

Hi AllSo....i installed MK1 from steam onto my rog ally, but the game controls are not responding on the rog ally. So i cant move the character or do punching or kicking or anything. The controls are not responding. Ive tried various settings in game...

Craig77 by Level 7
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