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Problems connecting to TCL TV

Hi.Currently have a docked set up for my Ally. Armory Crate and Windows are all up to date. My TCL TV seems to be unable to sense the HDMI connection. Wondering if anyone has this issue as well?

More advanced joystick calibration in Armoury Crate

The Ally has some useful calibration options for the joysticks and triggers, allowing you to adjust the dead zones, but we need more. It would be great if we could calibrate the full range of motion of the sticks, for example. This can currently be d...

Fresh install of windows 11

Hello ROG, Could you please enable / upload the WiFi Chip Driver so i can install a fresh copy of windows 11. it seems the only way to install windows is to type In the "Let's connect you to a network" screen, press Shift+F10 to launch cmd;Type the f...

adyojon by Level 10
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Weird controller bug 🪲 🪲 (B and D-pad Down)

My Ally has the weirdest issue with the gamepad.The issue is with the B button and the D-pad Down button. Regardless of which one I press, the device registers both together.This means everytime I want to go down in a menu etc (using the D-pad Down),...

puiy by Level 7
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Geforce Now and Steam Remote Play No Cursor Visible

When streaming from Geforce Now the mouse cursor isn't visible when emulating mouse and keyboard in Steam games. This happens also in Steam Remote Play but can be countered by changing Ally's controller mode to Desktop and moving the virtual mouse ju...

Antsa by Level 8
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Most things seems to be working ok on my new ROG Ally. However FFXIV is hanging at a black screen as soon as I login.I am using the Steam version of FFXIV (curse me right? late to fix this SE character blah blah... 10 years later).The game lau...

Resolved! cloud recovery has no on screen keyboard to enter WIFI password!

So i install a 2TB ssd into my Ally. Then i proceed to cloud reovery as per instructions from ROG.Then it asks me to input password and there is no keyboard on screen and plugging one in results in nothing. It's like the keyboard isn't even plugged i...

MitchyK by Level 7
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Secondary Functions Break All Primary Functions

I tried using Rog Ally's back buttons as a Secondary Function trigger, but when I do this it interrupts on breaks a primary function.For example; I map my primary face buttons so that when pressing back trigger they change to DPad. In an action game,...

Antsa by Level 8
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