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Port Micro SD Bug find the problem

My micro sd port has a problem , my sd card was no recognise in MyPc , lucky my sd card is not broken .I find the problem, the high TDP boost when plugged with charger , so can reach over 40 watts for long minutes and 92 degrees and when changing gam...

Neakel by Level 8
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Manual Mode with low TDP settings sounds like a jet engine.

Hello, the last update broke the fan settings. There are people who use the manual mode to restrict the TDP (to keep the ally silent and efficient) and not for uncapping the performance into oblivion.  Now I cant use the device anymore - its too loud...

8lade by Level 7
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Resolved! Genesys Logic PCIe card reader controller thoughts for Ally

Hi,A few of us online have continued to investigate the wide-ranging rumours floating out there about the "sd card reader burning out.It sounds to some of us like it's not a heat issue at all, but rather a question of the mount and sync timing of the...

Melina by Level 10
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USB Hub for 30W?

I am looking for a USB hub that allows me to utilize the 30W power when the Rog Ally is plugged in. I want to connect a pair of headphones (USB C) and since the Rog Ally only has one USB C port, this poses a problem. Do you have more information abou...

Constantly having to restart in order to make work

For the most part, this device works. But i'm having to restart it often to make it work when apps or whatever I tap  to open Becomes unresponsive. Also, what's been happening lately Is, when I do restart It's stuck on that screen for a long time. In...

ROG Ally recovery did not install everything back to factory settings

I have upgraded my SSD for my ally and reinstalled windows following the instructions on the ASUS website and various youtube videos.Upon reinstalling windows 11, i notices the background wallpaper was missing and the armory crate and MyAsus app is g...

My ROG Ally dies after I start playing unless I plug it in

This is a new issue after latest updates.I run games like Konami Soccer 2023 - Terminator and few other games. After I start playing the device dies even if I'm running on performance mode. I tried silent mode it didn't die on it.After this happens I...

wafed by Level 7
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Resolved! "Please plug in the adapter before proceeding to the next step"...

So I was trying to upgrade the SSD. I am in the pud recovery part but after a prolonged checking I get a message with the topic title. I hit next and get Battery Detected! Detaching  Adapter and then gets stuck in a loop. If i unplug it the whole sys...

Ftank by Level 8
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Hello, i have a question. Is this good price? I really like playing games but dont know on what. Friend told me to buy steamdeck but on this website my father work for company and i can have it for cheaper price 100eur-200uer. Is it better than steam...