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Resolved! LEDs on the tumbstick dont light up after boot up.

I just got my ally less than a month ago, June batch, it was fine till update 323, and FW 308, both were updated on the same day, and after the reset, the LEDs light up for a second during start-up and then dies. I tried reinstalling armory crate and...

ROG Ally Unable To Charge After Latest Update

Hi team,Ever since the last update, my ROG Ally has not been able to charge. The charger works with everything but the Ally and it's now at 8%. Soon, it will be 0%I need to be able to solve this. Can anyone help? 

Fuz182 by Level 7
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Rog ally 30W pluged mode has now some serious issues

First i want to say that the latest update brought massive improvements on the 25W battery mode.On the other hand the 30W pluged in mode is now a mess: really unstable not like before now it gows to 27 after to 32 even 35 makes the console heat reall...

How can I prevent the Ally from waking up when I plug/unplug power?

Hi all  I would like to prevent the Ally from waking up when plugged/ unplugged. I looked in the power and Bios settings and I couldn't find a setting that would let me choose the behaviour of the device when plugging/ plugging. I want to plug in my ...

GaboRj by Level 7
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Directx 12 Problems with Emulators

Good morning, I would like to know if the technical team of asus + AMD are providing the correction of directx 12 in emulators like PCSX2 and Dolphin, both for example, simply crash when using directx 12 between 2-10 minutes of gameplay. At the end o...

Asus rog ally issues

So in docked mode am getting less than in handheld. I have the official dock charger, also changed vram to 8gb and manual mode with 53 watt says ion armory crate. When pressing the start button it still says 30w manual tho. Trials of mana plugged in ...

Yes or no?

Hi I've been interested in buying a rog ally for a while but really worried regarding the sd card issue and the lack of a fix from asus. Can anyone advise if it's worth purchasing please, or give me their views?

how to activate a gift Game pass for 3 months ?

I do not understand how to activate the gift game pass, I do not know how and where to click, I have already searched everything and did not find any answer, I live in Kazakhstan I would like to use the gift gamepass. Tell me what steps to take to ge...

sense63 by Level 7
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Ally Wake from sleep

Hello everyoneDoes anyone have the same issue as my Asus rog ally?When I push the power button to make the screen turn off. It turns off. But after about 5 minutes With screen off, when I press the power button again to wake only the rgb LED turn on ...

darko21 by Level 7
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