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My ROG Ally dies after I start playing unless I plug it in

This is a new issue after latest updates.I run games like Konami Soccer 2023 - Terminator and few other games. After I start playing the device dies even if I'm running on performance mode. I tried silent mode it didn't die on it.After this happens I...

wafed by Level 7
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Resolved! "Please plug in the adapter before proceeding to the next step"...

So I was trying to upgrade the SSD. I am in the pud recovery part but after a prolonged checking I get a message with the topic title. I hit next and get Battery Detected! Detaching  Adapter and then gets stuck in a loop. If i unplug it the whole sys...

Ftank by Level 8
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Hello, i have a question. Is this good price? I really like playing games but dont know on what. Friend told me to buy steamdeck but on this website my father work for company and i can have it for cheaper price 100eur-200uer. Is it better than steam...

Tiny 11

Has anyone tried Tiny 11 on the Ally? Wondering if it might be an option?

ROG XG Mobile Dock: Feedback - where is the 4060 ti?!

Hello,I think the current XG-Mobile dock versions (4090) are too expensive for a device like the ROG Ally. They are a cool proof of concept but not a realistic choice for gamers.A 4090 is way too overpowered for the AMD z1 APU.Please release cheaper ...

8lade by Level 7
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Problems connecting to TCL TV

Hi.Currently have a docked set up for my Ally. Armory Crate and Windows are all up to date. My TCL TV seems to be unable to sense the HDMI connection. Wondering if anyone has this issue as well?

More advanced joystick calibration in Armoury Crate

The Ally has some useful calibration options for the joysticks and triggers, allowing you to adjust the dead zones, but we need more. It would be great if we could calibrate the full range of motion of the sticks, for example. This can currently be d...

Fresh install of windows 11

Hello ROG, Could you please enable / upload the WiFi Chip Driver so i can install a fresh copy of windows 11. it seems the only way to install windows is to type In the "Let's connect you to a network" screen, press Shift+F10 to launch cmd;Type the f...

adyojon by Level 10
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