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PSA: Where to buy official ROG Ally spare parts

If you are looking for spare parts for your ROG Ally, say you want to replace the screen, the battery, or even any ribbon cables you might have accidentally broken, you can find them all here:

Screenshot 2023-08-19 145850.png

Potential New Ally Owner

Coming from a desktop gaming setup and liking the idea of portable gaming such as the Ally.Is there any huge drawbacks? I'm assuming that I can install my already owned PC games that I own on DVD? Ie. Connect an external DVD drive and install like a ...

ROG Ally not launching older game (Rugby 08)

Hi Guys, rugby 08 works fine on my Laptop with Win11 home but on my ROG Ally it just goes to a black screen then kicks me back to the desktop as you can see in this link: have tried various compatibili...

FPS drops if I use turbo mode

I encountered this anomaly with the game Need for Speed heat. If I run it in performance mode 15/25w both in battery mode and with battery charger it works well, instead if I use it in turbo mode or in manual turbo 30w mode everything freezes and the...

Playing on ROG ALLY gets you banned?

hey so i just saw this,   i am very worried to play games now on my rog ally. has this been fixed? 

adyojon by Level 10
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Call of duty Xbox edition

So I was wondering if I were to have a call of duty that's the Xbox version ( infinite warfare) and I don't have on steam would I be able to play the Xbox version of it on this? I'm trying to make a decision of what I want to save up to buy. 

Dr3bb2 by Level 7
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Steam Games either won't start or they stutter.

I reset my Windows 11 last evening on my Rog Ally.  The problem that occurs is when I install a Steam Game and press the Play Button, It either does not start, or it goes through the beginning screen, stutters and then goes back to choose start again...

Do you feel that the ROG Ally thumbsticks are too short?

While playing FPS games, i feel the thumbsticks are of appropriate height for the games, however when playing racing games example Forza, I feel that the thumbsticks range of movementsis somewhat limited, not getting the turning angles correcrtly... ...

Issue with MCO 311 Update with Triggers

I Discovered a potential issue with the MCO 311 update for the ASUS ROG Ally. You loose 20% to 25% range of motion with the triggers now. You hit 100% at anywhere between 75% and 80% of trigger motion instead of at full trigger deflection. This reall...