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AMD Fluid Motion Frames?

Hi, is there a way to enable it? It looks like it only works with deskops gpu, even today they announced support for series 6000. Im feeling that asus forgot about the rog ally, as the last  drivers update was more than a month ago. 

neto333 by Level 7
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Any word on RTX 4090 External GPU? / Best EGPU for Ally?

Hi, there! I am gearing up to get an Ally, but only want to do some alongside an External GPU to turn it into a dedicated Desktop Pc solution (with on the go flexibility of course) But…. Finding an EGPU feels almost impossible which is odd? Would any...

Ally Rog Inaccessible boot device

So I downloaded a driver update. The Ally Rog proceeded to crash and pop up with The blue screen saying Inaccessible boot device. The only way I know how to fix this would be to go into safe mode and wipe everything but there is no option to get ther...

New Armoury Crate update breaks XG Mobile connectivity

Strange behavor where one of the following happens when I connect the XG mobile to the Ally since the new AC update:try to connect to XG mobile after plugging it in and then it disconnects immediately.  you see the output from hdmi momentarily then g...

Oahu by Level 7
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SD card reader no longer work

I keep all the drivers and bios updated on my Rog Ally, however, the SD card reader suddenly can't read any SD card.I checked all my cards with another computer, and it all works fine.What should I do about it?Does anyone experience similar issues? 

SN not Valid

When trying to use Cloud Recovery.. then a Pop-up shows saying that: "The SN is not Valid, Contact your Customer Service"Can anyone help or have the same situation? What did you do?Thank you in Advance. Rog Ally 1 month Old. 

Armoury Crate SE GPU Settings

(UPDATE) I kept trying different things for a while, and I went to windows, settings, apps, Armoury crate se, hit the 3 little buttons next to it, scrolled down and reset the app. After resetting the app, I was then able to change GPU vram settings, ...

Asus Charger Dock + Ally Dolby Atmos problem

Why in earth asus own dock charger wont allow dolby atmos at all? Third party dock does it like jsaux etc. But asus own brand not... im not only one whit same problem it seems to be related the charger dock itself..I do have all bios drivers etc up t...

Armory Crate doesn't save key mapping

Hello, I tried mapping the keys for the game in Armory Crate today and it works fine until I restart ACSE or Ally. I had previously mapped the keys to other applications and AC still remembers these settings. Currently, new mappings are not saved for...

friss by Level 7
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