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Asus Rog alley. Very slow performance Freezing hanging

Level 8

Today I experienced some very slow performance with the Asus rog ally Device when I first started it up it boots up fast. I'm having problems with programs opening up apps will not open. Tried running Windows defender. Freezes up during a scan. Tried running the Windows store. It freezes that while checking for updates tried restarting. The system takes forever. Goes to black screen. Joystick lights go out and it still says it's on and doesn't do anything. I have to boot it up again. Boots out quick when it's once it gets to the windows 11 desktop screen a check for issues through the my Asus app which does not work either. Look through the Asus crate. No issues. There was no updates I check task manager tried to shut down stuff that I thought was not mandatory. Still didn't help. We started three or four times. Still has the same issue. So I did try erasing the Asus crate app and restarted my system. Seem not to help uninstalled all the games and clients like steam Ubisoft still no improvement. Also check for hard drive errors. No errors were found so I have no clue what the issue could be or what's causing it. It was working great the night before. And as you know I bought this item as an open box. I never had any problems so what would cause this dilemma? Right at this time I am trying to reset the device and erase everything and see if that helps. If that does I will get back to y'all about the issue.


Level 7

have you try to reinstall all?