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Asus Rog Alley Great Product

Level 8

I purchased the Asus Rock alley from Best buy as open box. I was very pleased and happy to style and the weight in the functionality of the device. The only thing I see happening one day is that having a joystick drift would be possible. I am very impressed in the game and performance the graphics, the speed and I like that the item feels very heavy so it feels like it's very expensive and like it will last. So I bought a case for it as well in a hard case to keep it protected from damage or anything else that could happen. I've had my item for at least 3 to 4 months now and I'm still very satisfied with the product. Also, would it having Windows 11 professional actually makes it a little better and I kind of think it's better than the steam deck. The price might be $50 cheaper than the Asus, but I think the Asus is more worth it. I'm glad I brought the cheaper version and not the extreme buying. The regular version was no different than the extreme with the performances about the same, so I totally recommend this. If y'all are an Asus gaming lover I would recommend going with us first. Don't hate unless you try it it has its little issues which still needs to be solved by Asus


Level 8

It depends on what games you're playing with your Ally.
The regular Z1 doesn't compare to the Z1 Extreme in terms of APU, but if you're not playing AAA games all the time, I bet it is in fact a satisfying experience.

Here's an in depth comparison: (38) ASUS' Weird ROG Ally Non-Extreme: Z1 Benchmarks vs. Z1 Extreme Ally - YouTube

I went with the Z1 Extreme because I play AAA games mostly and the extra firepower is in fact needed for those.

For example, I can play Spider-Man Remastered on battery in Performance mode just fine with acceptable FPS.

I also thought about the longevity of the console when I went with the Extreme version. 

But again, if you're mainly using your console to play emulated games or less demanding titles, I'm sure the regular Z1 is enough.


Congrats on your new console, have fun with it!