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Armoury crate last update isn't posible

Level 7

Armoury crate last update is impossible in my case, I think the last updates ruined my ROG Ally, after last firmware update and some others automated updates from Armoury Crate (AC) it made yesterday morning, the download of AC stuck, in all types of download (automated form inside AC, manual from the support site)

I was trying to remove it, but even then my ally stayed without any version of AC at all, since it is impossible to download it even then...

After that I change the ssd to a bigger 2tb that I has purchase before 2 weeks, and the AC "find" me the time to make a clean instal with the firmware cloud recovery, even then it was impossible to update the AC and I was stacked with the first "out of the box" version of AC.

I noticed that at the most download attempts the notification bar has a notification with the name of AC and the number "0" beneath if. And at the Microsoft store all the updates in the library stopped and repeated the process of their update for ever,

I don't know if it is a comparability issues with firmware and the MS store or a WiFi driver problem, since the AC update is a downloader and it isn't a full size version of AC Special edition, and this loader seems to uses the MS store to download.

Its a very big disappointment to try 2 days ++  to make my ally just usable, and even the format wasn't solution.

if Asus suggest another format to fix this ridiculous situation, I 'll surely buy something more reliable and sell it, since it's an old R6 version and cook sd too!!! 🍳🍳🍳


Level 7

Problem solved for me, maybe they fixed the servers, after an unnecessary format and 2 day lost, all good!!