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Armory Crate non compatible with Easy Anti Cheat

Level 7

Hey anybody else know if armory crate is incompatible with Easy Anti Cheat. I used armory crate with Elden Ring switching from 60hz to 120hz because it kept defaulting to 60hz until I released that was a game mechanic. Now I have a 180 day temp bane. Is armory crate non compatible and should I not open it when playing Elden ring?


Level 10

On your steam profile do you have a "red" game banned alert? 

No as fare as I can tell I do not have anything that says banned on my steam profile

Level 10

keep a eye out on it, and tell us if you get a "red" banned profile. please contact asus to address this. 

Nope never got a red banned icon from Steam. I’m pretty sure armory crate triggered the ban especially since I changed the refresh rate it kept defaulting to 60hz and I switch it to 120hz cuz I wanted to make sure VRR wa working but I forgot Elden ring is coded to 60fps because of the game engine. Who should I contact at asus to make them aware?

Level 10

Anbby from these forums. 

So on your steam profile you dont have a red banned? can you still play elden ring or banned? in single player

Nope I am not banned on steam at all no red banned icon. I can play single player just not multiplayer so can’t invade or request help etc. 

Hi there so you can't play multiplayer just single player what does the message say when you join MP mode could you provide screenshot ? So your steam profile doesn't say game banned right ? It's near your stats on right hand side top right near ur member ship

Nope I’m not banned. Just pops up with a messages stating I have been banned as a result of messing with game files. So I’ve put in a ton of time on my regular gaming pc but it wasn’t until I used the Ally and specifically opened up armory crate that it gave me the bane.