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Any word on RTX 4090 External GPU? / Best EGPU for Ally?

Level 7

Hi, there! I am gearing up to get an Ally, but only want to do some alongside an External GPU to turn it into a dedicated Desktop Pc solution (with on the go flexibility of course)


But…. Finding an EGPU feels almost impossible which is odd? Would anyone have any insights on what to do, where to look? I really want to play Cyberpunk 2.0 haha.


Thank you in advance, I appreciate it!


Level 7

Just out of stock at the moment. 

ROG Ally, G751JY, G75VW, G74SX, G1S. Maximus 13, I9-11900, 64gb,TUF RTX 3080.

Thanks for the response! I guess I was wondering if something was wrong with it or if it was recalled because I have been checking for a while and it always seems out of stock.


its in stock at HID right now it seems, but do you know if that site is legit? (I’m guessing yes since ASUS links to them)

Haven't looked to much into the accessories yet, got mine yesterday with dock & case, barely set up windows & updated it today and ordered Dbrand's tempered glass for it.

Full time job & both a toddler & teens at home free time is scarce 😂

ROG Ally, G751JY, G75VW, G74SX, G1S. Maximus 13, I9-11900, 64gb,TUF RTX 3080.

Haha, nice! Family is another fulltime job in itself 😂 


I hope you get to have some fun with it!

Level 7

3 days ago, i ordered the Asus rog external 4090 gpu from BestBuy, i waited for months until i got an alert to order the 4090 online only, im looking right now and its showing it can be ordered online, good luck, also keep in mind that the cable is no more than 1' 6" long and thick as hell so very difficult to keep the ally in the correct position.