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AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.3.1?

Level 8

Hi, i can't play Fortnite since the new version released of the AMD software, but it's not avaiable in the MyASUS, can i download and install it from here?

So it's safe to install from this link or need to wait for the MyASUS to release it?

Fortnite 2024. 03. 23. 18_42_19.jpg


Accepted Solutions

Hi, yesterday afternoon the issue is suddenly fixed by itself.

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Customer Service Agent

Hi @robi32 ,

Please try removing the AMD Software after updating to AMD Graphics Driver Version V31.0.22023.8001, then reinstall AMD Radeon Software through the Microsoft Store, and test to see if there's any improvement. Thank you.

Hi, i have the AMD Graphics Driver Version V31.0.22023.8001 (since march 06. through the MyASUS), in Microsoft Store i have the AMD Radeon Software 10.23.20029.0 (it says no newer version is avaiable).

Customer Service Agent

Hi @robi32 @IsuRmX ,

I would like to confirm if this issue only occurs in Fortnite. If so, have you tried reinstalling Fortnite to test? 

Please uninstall AMD Software first and then reinstall it through the Microsoft Store. Please refer to the explanation in this link for removing the OpenCL™, OpenGL®, and Vulkan® Compatibility Pack, and test to see if there is any improvement. Thank you.

Hi, yesterday afternoon the issue is suddenly fixed by itself.

I have reinstalled fortnite from scratch and the problem persists, these types of errors completely destroy the user experience with this product since before the last update of the amd video drivers everything worked perfectly, it is really worth rethinking the purchase of future products like this because they give too many headaches 

Hi, since yesterday the game is working, the issue is gone for me.

Level 7

I have exactly the same problem, Fortnite can't be played because an error like yours appears. Is there any solution???