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AMD adrenaline after update not working

Level 7

Hi. Today after 331 bios, new amd drivers and hotfix update Adrenalinę app stopped working. 

I've got message about 

The version of AMD Radeon Software you have launched in not compatible

I have tried everything, no update at MS store


Level 7
I solved the problem. I completely removed the drivers and AMD software.
The most important thing: After downloading the drivers from myAsus, do not install them, just unpack them and manually.
Install the drivers from the exe file in the C:\AMD\ folder
I don't remember whether you need to download AMD software from the MS store later or whether it will already be installe


Level 9

Level 7

I'm glad to hear that you were able to resolve the issue! Your solution might be helpful to others facing a similar problem. Thank you for sharing fix.

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