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30W Turbo on official ROG 65W Charger Dock and others?

Level 7

Question for those of you with the official ROG 65W Charger Dock...

When using that Dock, does the ROG Ally offer the 30W Turbo Operating Mode?

I have both the original charger and at least one aftermarket charger that will trigger the 30W Turbo Operating Mode when connected directly to the ROG Ally.

But when either charger is connected to the OEM Steam Deck Dock, two aftermarket Steam Deck docs (JSAUX and UGREEN), or an Anker PowerExpand 3-in-1 USB-C PD Hub (supposedly with up to 100W passthrough), the ROG Ally only offers the 25W Turbo Operating Mode. I'd like to know if it is possibly a limitation when connected to a Dock/Hub, or perhaps the ROG Ally only supports this right now with the official Charger Dock; would like to know how it behaves with the official Charger Dock.