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Community Admin

Armoury Crate v5.7.3.0 & AURA Creator v3.7.3.0

UWP & Tools

  1. Armoury Crate v5.7.3
  2. Aura Creator v3.7.3

Core service updates:

  1. Armoury Crate Lite Service v5.7.3
  2. Armoury Crate Service v5.7.3
  3. AURA Service (Lighting Service) v3.07.25
  4. ROG Live Service v2.2.5.0
  5. ASUS Framework v4.0.1.5
  6. ASUS Core SDK v2.00.44
  7. Aura Wallpaper Service v1.5.5.4
  8. Aura Wallpaper Creator v1.2.3

New Features & Improved User Experience:

    1. Introducing the Aura Sync "Festival Effects" feature.
    2. Integrated the Aura Sync "Game Management" feature.
    3. Enabled "Windows Dynamic Lighting" support as an ambient app.
    4. [Aura Creator] Enhanced performance for the "Adaptive Color" feature for screen capture.
    5. [Motherboard] Added "Sonic Studio" for selected new motherboards.
    6. [Motherboard] Integrated "GameFirst" for selected new motherboards.
    7. [Motherboard] Improved OLED animation save and apply behavior.
    8. [Laptop] Added “Resource Monitor 2.0” feature.

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements:

    1. Enhanced network connectivity for updates and downloads in the China region.
    2. Streamlined Armoury Crate for faster installation.


[NEW] Festive Effects


Festive EffectsFestive Effects

[NEW] Game Management

Game ManagementGame Management



Level 9

I booted my PC today and immediately thought I had a virus or malware because your holiday wreath looked like a virus.  Thanks.

Level 7

Hey at least you can get the Holiday wreath! I can't keep my Armoury Crate from crashing 10 seconds after loading up (and reinstalls itself every time!). Happy Holidays!