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xmp Rampage VI Extreme Omega , How make it work ?!

Level 7

Level 7
I think problem is realy with tRC

i cannot find it at omega , maybe it hv some hard coded by "good coder" to bios and not change.
So this mother bord almost by no usable for overclock ram.

Asus always asus.

I hope some who hv solution , or only way return this mb with RMA ?.

its realy last think what i was buy from asus... :mad:

realy i wana hit wall with my had.

Asus it not for use , before it by usable need waste big ammount of time .

Level 10
You don't say what frequency or exact memory kit you're using
Last couple bios for 99..x compatibility has messed up xmp profiles at least for me anyway using trident-z 3600C16 = 16-16-16-36
I had to go manual and tweak timings to get it to perform better.

Level 10
Maybe a stupid question, but are your ram sticks pushed all the way in? I had this once as a problem, lol. Also, was it one kit or two, or four. I've never had a problem with using multiple different kits of the same model, but others have.


3000 mhz with 15 17 15 36 most be.

all stot's cheked ....

Level 10
It has a weird 2nd xmp profile looks like 2666 x 2 ?
But yeah hynix memory is what has been having most issues

I'd clear cmos and try manually setting default timings and frequency
Dimm voltage 1.36v will be fine

Get yourself asrock memory configurator for x299 so you can see all the timings/ secondary/... the set is using in windows
Or just read this op and post there for expert suggestions

Problem is at deluxe x299 its work fine with that setting and choisen xmp switch .
+ at omega i cannot find tRC sub timing .

so ok i think i find problem

tRRD is 5
tRRDL is 7

tWTR was 4
tWTRL is 12

i change tWTR to 6

now 30 ming rune test and no errors

it was before at auto at xmp.

It's bios bug , if i use xmp profile its put some ramdom trash to sub timing + if i click last modificastions at uefi its display some binary trash .

at xmp trddl and trdds ( how i undestand trdds - tRRD ) most be 7
and tWTR most be + 1, 2 so its was give bug read/write its was write before it read.
even if manualy put all setting and reboot with auto , its put litle setting to tWTR . so need it manualy chnage after reboot.

now memtest86 runing i hope there be no bug again .

some who know timing calculator for intel ?

no notting not changet , errors return but after longer time .

its put incorect auto sub timings.

Level 11
Omega likes B-Die single sided modules, a total of eight cos of T-Topology. So 8x8GB B-Die should reach the best performance.

tRC is not usually displayed in Asus Bios's. Other manufacturers like Gigabyte (some boards) display it and let force it, but not Omega.
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