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x299 questions about VROC / PCI-e lanes

Level 11
Greetings all,

I know some of this hasn't been released as of yet so I may not get all the questions answered but if someone has some sources/information it would be appreciated.

1. Intel VROC supposedly only allows INTEL devices, but I have heard that third party M.2/SSDs CAN use VROC for RAID, but any RAID drive wouldn't be bootable. Apparently you can use 3rd party m.2s in VROC RAID for a data drive. Is this correct?
2. Intel VROC apparently takes the lanes it needs to run SSDs directly from the CPU and not the Chipset. So the question I have is, does any SSDs using VROC count against the number of PCI-E lanes available on the board? For example one GPU and 4 M.2s, with two using VROC and the other two using the Chipset, would the total amount of PCI-E lanes be x16+x4+x4=24 or x16+x4+x4+x4+x4=32 ? This matters when I'm considering a 28 or 44 PCI-e land CPU.
3. Is it possible to create a bootable RAID using 3rd party NVMe M.2s using the chipset? If so how is the benchmarking? I ask because some people were claiming while it was possible, there was a cap to the bandwidth throughput of 4GB/s seq read much like there is on the z179/279 platforms.
4. Has anyone tested 3rd party NVMe M.2s using VROC RAID 0 with benchmarks? If so how were the numbers? On the x99 with two Samsung 960s, I can get seq reads of 6.5 to 7Gb/s on a normal non-bootable RAID 0 Drive.

Overall I'm curious if I could do a bootable RAID 0 drive and what the numbers were, but I would most likely have one 960 as my boot drive and ideally, a RAID 0 drive using VROC and two others 960s as my application drive for video editing and such.

Any answers or information would be appreciated! Thanks!
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