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x299 Bios and Me, huge update decrease in performance

Level 9


Situation is this, I have Tuf x299 Mark 2 Mobo, and after latest update of the Bios(3801) and Intel Me(, I've got serious decrease in performance, but not in rendering(working in 3ds max), but in opening the scenes, time went from 23 seconds to 40+/- 2 seconds. Does anyone have similar situation?

 I'm not sure how to proceed, wait for Intel or Microsoft mitigate or solve the problem or should I try to install previous version of Bios or ME(not sure that it's even possible). Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Level 9

I've tried previous Bios(3701), it didn't help, so I went back to the latest. So I assume it's Intel Me Update tool, maybe because I never updated ME with that tool. Or it's NVIDIA drivers, but I skeptical about that, because, viewport updates in the last order and it's relatively fast.

If I turning off textures in the viewport (and save), scene indeed loading the same time like before, but before all that it was loading the same time, but with textures on. I could try NVidia drivers that "Game Ready" instead of Studio, but I think it would be waste of the time.


This could be not related to the bios and ME, but I think it is.  I've tried some manipulation with corona(10) textures(corona> standart bitmap) which cut time of opening the scene in half. But since I have corona 10 installed for about 2 months , and never noticed such drastic decrease in performance, so.... 

Level 11

mod the latest bios with OLDEST CPU MICROCODE