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Windows 11: Strix TRX40-E Motherboard Bluetooth Not Connecting

Level 7
With the onboard bluetooth I am able to see but not connect to bluetooth devices. I can try and add a device, but it will get stuck on "connecting". When I try connecting to my phone it will prompt a "pair" request but when I accept it will not connect on the PC side.

I do have an antenna for the wifi/bluetooth . I'm able to see all bluetooth devices that i would expect to see. I just can't connect. Wifi works fine.

I have tried downloading the latest drivers. I downloaded the recommended drivers from a thread on here too. I've tried uninstalling drivers and restarting. I've tried starting and stopping Bluetooth services.

Let me know if you need any other info!

Level 14
Did you enable Bluetooth on BIOS already ? I'd like to see your device manager details.

W11 C 24H2 26252.5000 Core i9 7980XE 02007108 MCE ME R6E Modified BIOS 4001 SAMSUNG OG9 FW 1019.0 SSD 970 EVO PLUS 1 TB x 3 NVIDIA RTX 4090 GAME READY 556.12 64GB GSKILL DDR4 3200MHz JBL 9.1 Sound Bar DTS-X

Yes the bluetooth contoller is enabled in the BIOS and in Win11 Settings.


Level 7

i would like to know do you got some help for it?i have rog strix b550 amd wifi II and i have EXACTLY the same issue. b550 uses some MediaTek bluetooth drivers and ive been installing and removing them back and fort but no help.i done every possible thing but nothing works.

I found the issue and now its solved.