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Upgrade 7900X to 10900X?

Level 8
While my Rampage 6 is down waiting for a CMOS battery holder, I considered upgrading the CPU to a 10900X. It's about $600 for this CPU. Will I gain significant performance over my existing 7900X? I am also replacing my SLI 1080Ti's with a single 3090Ti so I think the graphics performance will be improved. Will the 10900X improve it further?

I had seen some comparison benchmarks of these two processors and it seems like the 10900X only had about a 5% or 6% improvement over the 7900X. Does the Rampage 6 require a certain BIOS version to run the 10900X? A 6% improvement for $600 doesn't seem like a good value, but if it's better than 6% I'd consider it.

Thanks for any input.

Level 9
Nop is same chip little bit higher mhz my stock and better temps because is soldering

Level 14
The 10900X also has quite a bit more cache (19.25MB vs. 13.75MB). That can make a big difference to the narrow set of workloads that are just too big for the smaller cache but fit into the bigger cache. It probably does need a newer BIOS than the one that shipped when the 7900X was new, but the support page is currently broken/empty for that board right now. If you have updated the BIOS over the years, you may well already have the support for 10th gen (it's not a different BIOS, just a newer version which recognises and supports the later CPUs).

There's also the 10980XE, if you wanted to push that board as far as it can go and can justify the cost or find a deal; and have workloads that would benefit from the additional cache and cores. Or there's the ultra-rare 9990XE which can reportedly hit 5GHz, but good luck finding one of those at a sane price.

Level 8
Thanks for your suggestion. I found a 10980X Extreme Edition on Ebay for a "reasonable" price (LOL). Despite the problems with the CMOS battery and the difficulty removing the armor to replace the battery, I decided the Rampage VI Extreme is too nice of a MB to consign it to the ash heap of computer history. The 10980XE is the pinnacle of CPUs for the X299 chipset, and while the latest tech will run circles around this CPU and MB combo, it will still play any game--old or current--without a hitch. Especially now that I'm also upgrading the GPU to a 3090Ti. The additional cores and larger cache of the 10980XE will give me approx a 25-30% increase in performance over my existing 7900X. I should have a useful life on this "old" system of at least another 7 years. It also has the horsepower to run the new Samsung Odyssey 49" G9, which is an awesome monitor. Technology will continue to advance, but I don't have to always stay on the bleeding edge.