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Trick for switching from RST Premium mode to AHci mode without reinstalling windows10

Level 7
Hi all

Overview of my rig : Rampage 6 extreme encore, core i9-10900x, 32 Gb ram.

When I first intalled I Have a lot of HDD, SSD and 2 nvme SSD I decided to make raid0 with HDD, Raid0 with SSD ans Raid0 with nvme. So i select mode RST Premium in sata mode.This allows to construct raids with intel raid function.
Then i Installed windows 10 on nvme raid0.
Everything was allright but the speed of the nvme raid0 was less than the same nvme alone.
then after 3 months I decided to delete nvme raid0 and I started by doing a Backup with Acronis, delete raid and restore on one of the nvme SSD (970evoplus).
For testing I decided to do a new fresh installation of windows on the second nvme SSD (970evo) but in AHCI mode. I switch the sata mode to ahci and installed a new fresh windows 10.
So I have one windows with all my apps on one NVME SSD in RST Premium mode and one new windows on the other NVME SSD in AHCI mode.
So i can boot in both standard RST or AHCI (taking care of the mode selected on motherboard).
Speed of my nvme SSD in AHCI mode was better by 25%.
Now my problem was : how to change RST to AHCI with my windows installation without having to reinstall windows and keep all my apps and datas.

Now here is the trick :

Switch sata mode to AHCI on motherboard and try to boot with the windows made in RST mode...No boot...normal. After 2 or 3 tries the system propose to repair, let it do but the repair don't work and you are redirected to a page where you can select the action to do. At that time select windows startup behavior and then safe mode. This will boot in safe mode and the rst drivers will be replaced by NVME standard drivers and ahci standard drivers.Just restart and you have done the job

I don't know if it is possible to do the reverse from AHCI to RST?