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Supreme FX amplify level

Level 7
Under the Realtek HD audio manager tray icon (not sonic studio 3) the amplify level keeps resetting to performance and I want to keep it on extreme. It resets on restart or if I turn off the speakers or change to my headset.
How do I keep it on extreme? It has something to do with the impedance level. My headset doesn't do this because it has a very good impedance level. Getting better speakers is not an option right now.
This is on the X299 XE board.

Level 7
Okay after some research, someone recommended install it from another board. The Z370-E has a newer version over the X299 XE. Both boards have the same audio, CODEC S1220A.

Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.8339
Updated Amplify Level behavior to prevent overwriting manual adjustments upon reboot or resume from sleep/hibernation.

But there is a newer version so I installed that one. 2018/04/12

Improve system stability & Support Windows 10 latest version (Build 16299)

Seems working okay so far.