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STRIX X299-E Gamings How to Get more FAN ERRORS than only CPU

Level 7

I would like to know if it is possible to get more BIOS fan errors than only the CPU FAN ERROR?

Why? I have Kraken X52 as CPU cooler. I am linux user as well. On linux there is no proper CAM software therefore I connected the FANs directly to the motherboard. Then motherboard controls the radiator's FAN speed. I also do not trust CAM Software.

Currently the pump encoder is connected to the CPU_FAN, and one Fan is connected to CPU_FAN_OPT and the other fan is connected to M2 Fan.

What I want to do is the following connections:
pump encoder to AIO or Pump+
both radiator Fans to CPU Fans.

Why I am not doing that now?? Because today morning the Kraken pump stopped working (maybe because of switching between OSs) I had to turn off the power switch and on again till it starts working and luckily I got BIOS CPU Fan error because it was connected to CPU_FAN. If I havn't had the pump encoder, connected to CPU FAN, I would not get any BIOS error and I probably damaged the CPU.
Therefore I need, BIOS to check the pump encoder as well as Radiator FANs and if any of them does not work, stop booting. How it would be possible to get FAN error for all of them (PUMP encoder, Radiator FAN 1 and Radiator FAN 2)

By the way, Pump encoder is 3 pin connector and radiator FANs are 4 pin connectors.

I have expensive i9 CPU and don't want to burn it.