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strange wet appearence next to connector from factory?

Level 7
Hello all, I was just looking around my motherboard and spotted a wet residue next to a connector. It looks wet, but it is not, and can not be cleaned off. It came out of the box like this because I took a picture of of it and noticed it in the picture as well, I just didn't spot it when installing. Is this defective? Anyone know was this residue is? It came with it from the factory.

Its to the left of the MEMOK button in the pictures below.

Level 13
RMA your board for long term use.
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restsugavan wrote:
RMA your board for long term use.

is it really worth it to do that though? its not actually wet, just appears wet. came from the factory. Anyone know what that is?

restsugavan wrote:
RMA your board for long term use.

Or don't, and avoid wasting everyone's time.
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Level 40

Arne Saknussemm wrote:
It's just solder flux...AFAIK it is harmless

oh ok, good to hear, i've never seen something like that before. So its relatively normal? Any way to clean it off that you know of?

Thank you for the reply!

Level 12
You could rub it gently with isopropanol but be careful of surface mounted components, as Arne said its probably flux, afaik areas are coated with it during manufacture then cleaned up after.
I have a few areas similar on my board , never worried about it.*